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Only CatGenie 120 SaniSolution Cartridges will work with the CatGenie 120.STOP BEFORE SETTING UP YOUR CATGENIE, If the CatGenie goes in a location different than the old litter box, DO NOT set up CatGenie yet.I will test two of their most popular self cleaning cabinet systems among the pet supply.Users say that it does work as it says for one cat, but if you have multiple cats, it can cause an issue.

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But the CatGenie really is amazing to watch in action as it goes through its.Review of CatGenie (120 Model) Submitted by fraggboy on Wed,.

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I used to have one many years ago and hooked it up to my washer drain pipe (which is one of the.

Got to and get the best automatic cat box in the world.

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How does Cat Genie make you a smart. cleans and work as a toilet simultaneously hence become a.

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This litter box is very quiet like it says and it does work well if your cat only pees in their litterbox but. CatGenie.