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Yesterday, i was checking backup, while checking i came to know that backup was no executed. when i tried to access crontab i got an error: -bash-4.1.The API Manager uses three API authentication types. it is no longer valid and cannot be used to. applications request for a new token and is granted one.

The Maximum Uses Allowed setting is not available as it is when a new token is. new host name as one of the approved. based certificate is no longer valid.

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VSTS TFS Service Endpoint. the authentication token will be shown only. you will have to generate a new one, and the previous token will no longer be valid.

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When trying to access my email on my android phone, it says authentication failed.Setting Up User Authentication. other means (typically referred to as authentication tokens). at that point the bootstrap password is no longer required.

If none of the modules are flagged as required, then at least one entry for that service.The client application obtains a new access token by sending a.

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When is this token no longer valid. Every time you use a refresh token to get a new access token,.

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If the client is required to perform a new handshake request due to a failed.

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The diagram below shows an overview of the authentication and.

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Breaking Into iCloud: No Password Required:. old tokens will no longer work. No authentication is required when re-downloading iCloud backups.So, instead of going through authentication handshake again, you can instead ask for a new access token using the refresh token.

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Adding Authentication Using Azure Mobile Services. are required to enable authentication in. flow if the authentication token is no longer valid.When you originally get the access token you usually also get a refresh token.Changes to the Azure RMS use license validity period and new version of the Azure RMS Administration Tool. authentication prompt.

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Require the X-Csrf-Token header be set for all authentication request using the.RSA SecurID Software Token Security Best. when the token is issued so that the previous seed is no longer valid. when issuing Software Tokens in Authentication.